Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brentwood is Not Mars

Yesterday I had lunch downtown with a friend. We visited Gumps and accidently found this wonderful gallery on Maiden Lane filled with old Asian treasures; Xanadu. The kicker is that we marveled at the building it was in and were told it was a Frank Lloyd Wright building. Go there if you are ever in SF - Maiden Lane is ultra ultra...CoCo Chanel, etc. It's free to look in the window, not sure about entering the store!

I took BART downtown, ALWAYS seems to be an adventure for me. I picked a sweet looking well dressed lady about my age to sit next to. Oh, sure, she started picking flies out of the air and making quiet mid-sized motions that looked vaguely like sign language (but wasn't). She was harmless anyway.

My friend said she is moving to Brentwood in the East Bay and she is very upset to leave the coast. It is a good move for them, really, they will have a nice new house. Well, why am I so sad then? She listens to my stuff even when I'm being outrageously...anything, crazy, happy, angry, like that. Our friendship has been building over the last year and I'm so sad. I guess then, that it's all really about me, me, me. I won't name her since she hasn't told everyone yet and my blog is so widely read I don't want to jump the gun. Hey - you-know-who, Brentwood isn't Mars, the road runs back to the coast and probably will until the next earthquake!

In the meantime I got back on BART and wallowed in self-pity. I felt my eyes getting all misty; sure that everyone would look at me if I cried, I held back pretty much. Yeah, right, people on BART would really care....I could pick flies from the air.


Anonymous said...

Well, this is You-Know-Who (the one with a future address in Mars... I mean Brentwood) You make me laugh! You're the best. I do feel sad about moving from the coast and I will miss sooo many people, places and things. But, you are correct, the road runs both ways! Love your photo of good old Tyrone Power and his Brentwood home - but I think its that OTHER Brentwood in LA. BTW - my early morning BART rides are like sleeping cars for the less fortunate. Happy they have a place to stretch out - just wish we had a solution to their problems that included a place to take a bath...
Thanks for lunch - it was so much better than work!

sheilabythebeach said...

ROFL, I think that means roll on floor laughing! The wrong Brentwood, haha, didn't he grow corn though? Boy, do I feel stooopid!