Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kinda Steampunk-ey Kinda Jeff-ery

This one reminds me of the work a friend Jeffery has done - similar in feel anyway.

My husband keeps wanting me to count my tiles. "Which ones?", I ask. I have the 100% complete, glazed and glued onto the panels, I have the bisque fired ones waiting for glaze and another firing. I have the greenware ones drying slowly. Then there are the ones that are glazed but not all that great - my back-up tiles. If all else fails I'll use the best of them to help achieve 50, sad but true.

My little sawdust firing kept going out, going out, grrrr. Until I broke the Bird of Paradise tile I had glazed red/orange and green of course. I wanted the black background so it would "pop" - the flower that is, not pop in half like it did. To glue or not to glue, I may and keep it for myself. I don't have to decide that right now.

This is my kinda scary looking black and yellow gear looking tile!


Mary said...

Good golly, good work Sheila. Sorry about the Bird of Paradise! Can we blame it on the kiln gods when pit firing? hmmm...I think so...Really enjoying your adventure. thanks for sharing. m

sheilabythebeach said...

Yes, those pesky kiln gods...haven't I sacrificed enough to them already?? Ha! I ran into the pastor of a church near me the other day and I told him about potters and their kiln gods! He said, "Hmmmm."