Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Handcrafters Peacock Loom

I couldn't resist. It didn't cost much, it's for my grandaughter. My daughter asked me on the phone, "So, how big IS it?" "A large breadbox," I told her. I think that's right. I'll clean it up and give it to her at Christmas time; all warped and wonderful, ready to go. I'll replace the shoelaces with some smaller cord I have and see if I can get the rust from the harnesses and hettles. I've put feelers out for an instruction book for it.
The wood is dried out but it works just fine I think. This warp was already on it when I got it. It is made by Handcrafters, Waupun, Wisconsin. Such a nifty little bugger!
This is a work, work, work week. Throwing pots, making tiles, firing the kiln, buying looms...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Shopping Cart Drivers

This cracks me up! See the man with the shopping cart? He's making a left-hand turn; at least he's in the proper lane. Who says Californians can't drive? I notice the car on the right is giving him a wide berth! Musn't get too close to the cart drivers...
If I'm going to participate in the Pedro Point Firehouse sale; Madrigalli Market then I'll be selling these shaving mugs I guess. Just waiting to hear if there was room for me. I opted for just one day, my stock of pottery is not huge right now. I'm planning to make some more shaving mugs and tiles for my boxes. I'm having trouble finding the time!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Skyline College Parking is a Pain in the ...

Devils Slide eventually will be bypassed when the tunnel is complete. This is the road I take to south to go to Princeton, Montara or Half Moon Bay.


So glad to be taking time away from classes or I'd have been there for the lock-down while conducting open studio.

The parking situation is tense. There is construction going on and even less parking than usual and it is never good, always tense and cut-throat. The parking lot has been a dangerous place, speeders, parking spot hogs, tempers flaring. Someone was shot in the behind (the maximus gluteous behind) and the shooter got away. I understand there was some kind of manhunt going on but he escaped. Gee, hope he didn't run over the hill eastward or he'd be right at the San Francisco County Jail, or maybe I do hope he ran that way. Maybe it was a she but I doubt it.

Once again, they didn't listen to me. I did my fair share of whining every day telling everyone that the parking was brutal and dangerous. See what happens.... This was probably not about parking but it could be, huh?

Last week a student at San Mateo High School went out of control too. What is happening I wonder?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Running on Empty

This mailbox is filled with "Return To Sender" letters, all to the same person (if I remember right). It is made of clay and so are the letters, they look very realistic. I took this at CCACA last May.

Running on empty. That's me. Time for fuel.

sit back, stop pushing so hard, smell the ocean(?), read, write, pay the bills, no, no not that. Just remember the good and learn from the less than good. This fully loaded kiln ready to fire is eye candy for me!

I haven't taken any pictures for a while so I'm posting some that I like from the past.

I'm thinking about going to Washington DC next summer. Looking at flights, looking at hotels, making copies of ideas for this trip for others that may be interested in coming along.

Summer is pretty wretched there, I remember living really, really close to the Mississippi River just off the Great River Road for more than one summer and that was wretched, can it be worse than that? Ugh, or what about Mt. Pleasant, S.C.? Oh, the humidity and the bugs!

My sister has been searching for the perfect place to live. She and her husband have been retired for quite some time and started this search, I'm interested to hear what they finally decide!! I love it here on my little edge of the world but it has its drawbacks too. It may just be time to go to the woods, if only I could remember how to get there.