Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How I Made My Etsy NASA Space Craft

First I threw 1 large low bowl/platter shape using ? 4 pounds ? of clay. I used calipers and measured it and proceeded to throw another similar shape. Put aside, let dry slow. At the correct time they were trimmed; one at the foot creating a foot ring and the other was made smooth and flat. Then they were scored around the rim and slip was applied and they were joined rim to rim. Let dry a little more. I made designs by carving and I also made the holes so the space craft beings can see outside sometimes even though their navigation equipment takes care of them they must like to see out, huh? Then I added some clay around the windows to make them "pretty".

This form was covered and kept "leather hard". I made the leg; well, I really made 3 of them but they were waaaaay too huge so I used one only, the biggest one. The joined-together bowl/platter shapes were then joined to the big leg of the space craft. I continued to let it dry slowly and before the ship was completely dry I used blue underglaze and put it all over the craft, I mean everywhere I could reach, I put it on repeatedly to make a blue, blue, blue. And blue it was!

It dried slowly for a week or more before firing in the kiln. I placed it upside down to fire it which worked just great!

Next comes a layer of black underglaze applied all over. I wiped off the excess leaving the black in the crevices. Next a thin coat of clear glaze was applied everywhere except at the foot and it was fired again. Viola; my first space craft, I call her mama because she is the Mother Ship but her real name is Titan Trout I. I also made Big Daddy and Little Brat Space craft...they live outside so they can be free to roam as needed...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Space "Craft" Lift-Off

Pacifica Ground Control to Etsy NASA Space Craft, "We have you cleared for lift-off".

Just one more photo I took on that "Day" the sun came out on the coast!