Friday, June 12, 2009

Let The 50 Begin

When I started thinking about this project it seemed overwhelming until a friend said to me that it was only one a day - not 50. So I felt better for a while. There are fleeting moments of sheer, unadulterated terror. Then I'm OK again, maybe I need medication...In any case here are some of my first efforts.

I am using a variety of clays bodies, sculpture clay, earthenware red and white too, and Soldate 60. They are all being fired low fire, raku or primitive sawdust firing. Glazed and unglazed. I am using this challenge as an opportunity to explore a few applications I haven't tried and I am also using it as a growth tool. For many years I have wanted to loosen up my clay work and the harder I tried the less successful I felt. By having failures right away and having to start over it pushed me which was painful like all growth. On my 50 (or 70th) tile maybe I will have achieved some of my goals.

Here is talented artist, Laura Parker, she is also in the 50/50 show, you can see her work here:

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Life Looms Large said...

Great stuff!!! I love 2 of the blue ones the most...but they're all beautiful!!