Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yes, Sir That's My Baby!

Sweet Sabina Folding Floor Loom.

We don't know each other yet, I suppose you could say it is an arranged marriage. I think I will love her and I can only hope the same applies back to me.

I have cleaned her up; still more to do, she needs a little bit of care but she's not a fixer-upper at all. She doesn't weigh much but she HATES being moved. It was very surprising how she bucked and swayed to get away while coming up the stairs, thought I might lose her a couple of times!

So I told my friend to warn me if I started to get crazy with the "pretty-on-sale" yarn. She asked what were the parameters for buying yarn? Well, I guess I should know what I'm going to make with it when I buy it, not just buy it because it's so pretty and the price is very good and it will cost double that next week and all of that kind of nutty thinking. Is forewarned forearmed like they say? We'll see...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not Another Hobby!

Well, after much angst I have decided to accept the offer of a loom and learn once again to weave. My hobbies are such space-eaters. I am going to start doing some very serious de-stashing...to make room for yarn, uh, I didn't say that.
My Tibetan beads don't take up much room so I can keep them, and paper, well, how big is paper, really? I'll toss out old repetitive genealogy papers that I've stored on the computer. Hmmm, books, yes, I'll need instruction books for weaving again but I can get rid of my small collection of collectible books. Besides, they aren't really all that collectible.

I've requested these books at Paper Back Swap; Warp and Weave by Robert Leclerc and Weavers Book by Harriet Tidball.

I'm not much interested in formulating my own glazes so I may donate my raw materials to Skyline Community College if they want them.

Who needs the out-dated old glass top coffee table anyway?

Ugh, that horrid lamp; out it goes!

Scrap material will go to Judy for her quilt creations.

The misc. dishes, yes, I have lots of those that someone must want.

My pottery this-and-that; no one even wants cool hummingbird feeders anyway....

Probably no one wants cool handmade shaving mugs either but I simply must make a few more before I'm done. Before I'm done....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Las Vegas is Hot..What Else is New?

Gripe, gripe, gripe, too cold here, too hot there! Now it's hot here too, back home at the beach...September and October are the best times of the year here in case anyone is interested.

I made a jade green matte glaze, hmmm, it isn't so matte, it's kind of shiny. Never mind, it's not an ugly color and I kind of like it.

Green, Irish, frogs, they just seem to go together so nice so I put them all together. This is one jar...urn...container...lidded vessel that I'm very happy with. The lid fits like a dream and it's just a good size and everything. Can't resist playing with it, hence the frog, beach glass and Irish pendant!