Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shino Glazed Vessel

Today was a kiln opening and this is one of my favorite pots right now. I used a Shino glaze, the inside is all Shino-ey, the glaze developed a real alligator surface but pleasant. Tiffany says, "Shino first or pay the curse". So the first layer is Shino and I don't remember what the other glaze is that I put on over top, since I rarely have my notebook with me to record anything. In this case I am very sad that I didn't record it but Shino went on first....
I had a horrid week; bad deck (termites), someone swiped the side of my car as I drove south on 101 toward Redwood City (60+ mph), bad hair cut, so-so color, the dryer plug is wonky (won't run hot all the time), I was supposed to get the key for a meeting for a group of people and I forgot the key, it was the kind of week that I kept thinking that it can't get any worse BUT IT DID. Oh, yes, there was more. Muttering to myself, "This too shall pass"...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pottery with Boats?

Let me take you to a new place!
Ceremonial vessels.

Ceramic, high fired, lidded jars, urns, pots, vessels, containers, like that...

Those boats floated their way to the top of my lids, just when I think I'm tired of this or that, a new something comes along, THANK GOD! I can't think about politics and banks, I can go to a refuge of ritual wares, my own ceremonial pieces. I like it Dick, I give it a 10.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Don't Want To Talk About It Right Now

The sweet Sabina Loom that is. She is so patient, waiting for me, I am so unsure where to start, I can't find anyone to give lessons. City College offers classes...on Haight Street; not going there!

There is always pottery, how about a nice cutlery drainer? I saw one of them on a British website gallery and thought, hey, that looks neat, I'll try one. I don't need one, I need a new colander so what am I doing making cutlery drainers? Because I want to try something different.