Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trying to Find a Yarn Store

There are so many to choose from; yarn stores that is. I think yarn people are kind of funny. The local yarn shop bluntly said something about not catering to weavers, they do have beautiful yarn and a nice selection. I'll go again when I know more about weights, etc. I found an on line store that I really like but their customer service stinks. I put some yarn on a wish list for myself and told my daughter where to find it. She ordered off my wish list but MY credit card was charged! Customer service seems to think I gave her my password or SOMETHING, or we used the same computer and my info was saved, not so....blah! I had to play around like crazy to get my credit card off of their web...pretend like I'm ordering and then click on to purchase and then that's when my credit card number came up and I had to delete it from there. Kind of an Internet nightmare waiting to happen. So anyway, she ordered again off my wish list and the shipping list in the package says that both tubes of linen are 20/2 but it doesn't look that way to me, I think one must be 10/2. At least I didn't have to pay for this gift! I think I'll have to find another favorite yarn store though. Open to suggestions! Thanks for letting me whine.
This morning is foggy at the beach, I can hardly see across the street, guess it's going to be hot just across the bay today!!!
I will have some bowls, etc. to post photos of in the coming days, I believe that the big gas kiln was fired while I wasn't looking and should be cool enough to open today...I hope!


Life Looms Large said...

Finding the perfect yarn hard!!

That's a bummer that there were multiple mistakes in one order from your current pick. That would be frustrating!

Lately I've been buying most of my yarn at a very discounted price at my local weaving guild. Members bring in yarn to sell at each meeting....and the yarn is always substantially discounted. Don't know if you have that option.

Since I'm not on the west coast, I hope some one closer to you will stop by to give you yarn store advice!! The shipping would be cheaper and quicker if you find a source out there.

Good luck!


sheilabythebeach said...

Oh, yes, a weaving guild! I hope to join one but I'm not ready; I feel intimidated by a guild!