Thursday, June 7, 2007

Will The Barbie Manifesto End?

Tile from the kiln unloaded on June 6th, 2007.

Good friends are hard to find. My mother told me when I was a girl that she could count her good friends on one hand. I am not sure that she said good friends or just friends. If a friend isn't a good one then I suppose they are just a close acquaintance.

The point is that a friend asked me when I was going to be done with the Barbie Manifesto and I think I frowned, I asked her what did she mean, "Done with it"? You know, "DONE WITH IT" is what she meant. "Oh, well, in a week or so I thought." I think she said, "I see, then you are DONE WITH it?" Only she didn't yell. So, of course I have been thinking about being done. The energy I used up on my crusade was not a total waste of energy although I did put quite a bit of angst into it, and re-telling the story could also do that so I resolve to be done with it and be done with it for good. Well, I am going to try.

The woman I talked about earlier; Jean Kilbourne was interested and she asked me to fax to her the images of the weight loss books I found in the Barbie package. She was appalled and advised me that I could possibly enlist support from some of the groups that advise on eating disorders. Well, I sure did that and they too were appalled and said I should contact so and so or this other person. So what happened over and over again was that the people that were appalled were appalled but I didn't find anyone willing to say that they were going to join my crusade. I told everyone I could think of about this message in the Movie Star Barbie doll packages, I made copies of the little books, I enlarged them so that others with eyes like mine could also see the subliminal words. When I didn't show my proof people started to treat me like I was just imagining things; maybe they even avoided me, it was getting there.

Shall I take a photo of the enlarged image and show it on this blog of mine? You see, I also went through a stage of paranoia during this and I really don't want that back. It was a horrid and terrifying thing to experience.

I have been told that Einstein said that 'Insanity is the act of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results'. So if he is right and I think he is...why do that?


tammy vitale said...

Love your tiles and your red fish. Admire your Barbie campaign. And that tree? It's a Joshua Tree.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting - nice to meet you!

sheilabythebeach said...

Thank you tammy - the feeling is mutual!
I thought that was a Joshua Tree but I wasn't sure...thanks again.

Wörtwurst said...

Down with Barbie! These tiles and fish need a small little store or museum to house in. Just the thought of a Joshua tree makes me Barstow and Califronia all the more.

sheilabythebeach said...

I consider this blog my museum I guess; I am filling it up with all my "stuff".