Saturday, June 30, 2007

Broken Big Bad Boy

I promise myself that the next post will be a happy one! This is my big bad broken boy. Somebody suggested 2 part epoxy to repair, which I did but I am not very happy with my glueing. Nevertheless, I dug out several other broken raku pieces that I just couldn't part with and glued them together also.
Raku is the perfect vehicle for non-attachment exercises. I worked for many hours on this piece, babied it along as it dried, checked on it, smoothing out or roughing up key areas. The bisque firing, the glazing, all of it. Funny it should be just a plain old white plastic bucket falling from a distance that would break it after all it has been through! Once it came through the raku firing I heaved a sigh of relief. So; the big traumatic things I get through and it's the little things that catch me off guard that do me in!


Anonymous said...

You can't tell! I think the glue worked perfectly! I don't know exactly where it broke though and you do. Anyhoo, wonderful work!

sjs said...

Man that is a handsome devil...I love the other one you posted swimming up the wall. Miss you.

honkt said...

I love this fish...the texture and colors fit well together.

sheilabythebeach said...

Thanks kt - it's a keeper even if it broke!