Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let's Make a Fish

This is a photo of part of the process I go through in making the fish. This one was rolled out of a slab of clay and cut out freehand - aiming for a salmon....right now it is about 18" long.

I don't have a studio but I do have a workplace out in back. Of course it leaks when it rains and recently it has lost a vital element. Plastic is going to be my best friend for a while I think. Anyway, I feel fortunate that I have a place that I can mess up and walk away from without guilt.
Next week I begin taking a 6 week class at the local community college; there is a core group of advanced students that show up for classes from time to time. This is a low fire and raku class; I have a list of things to make, I may even throw again (on the wheel).....would be great to make a few nice raku platters with dragonflies.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful work. I don't have a studio myself. I suppose many artist's just have to work with what they have and leave it at that. Such is life...anyhoo you do great work!

emma said...

interesting proces... my studio is at home :) i have a room only for sew an everything i do!