Sunday, June 10, 2007

Barbie Manifesto Nears Completion

Above are the messages I found inside the packages.

How could they just ignore my concerns? Were they evil? One day I decided to go straight to the top of the company. On February 9, 2004 I mailed my letter of complaint stating on one page my complaint and that someone must be held accountable (I don't know where I put that letter or I would bore you with that too). It was mailed certified and registered and everything else I could do with it to assure myself that it was received. I addressed it to: Mr. R. Eckert, C.E.O., Mattel, etc., etc. I enclosed the blown up images with the messages also ~ for their convenience of course.

There! I could honestly say that I had done all that I could.

It felt pretty good to be finished, I was weary. I have skipped a lot of the little daily things I did; so repetitive and boring....One person told me that going to war like this was like firing a cannon across a wall and hoping that it hit but I might never see the result. Ha - what was he thinking? I wasn't about to quit after shooting cannons.

I learned some valuable lessons in my Crusade to make it right, the kind we all have to learn by ourselves. And it doesn't have to do with fighting Corporate American greed. It has more to do with righteous indignation and how to give it up.

In March I heard back.

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