Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Maybe Men Didn't Get It!

This morning I unloaded my kiln, this is one of my handpainted tiles.

I now return to My Barbie Manifesto.

I have been given hope by NBC in San Jose; they called me and we set up an appointment for someone to come to interview me. A man with a camera came to the house to ask me some questions about the whole situation. He took pictures of the Movie Star Barbie books and under his camera the messages really popped out, he let me look through the lens but not touch the camera. One thing he asked me was something like...."And what is so wrong with this?" Well, I felt like a deer in the headlights - just stunned; didn't everyone see it my way? Later I thought that maybe men didn't understand what was going on here and that is why he would ask such a silly question. Maybe men didn't get it. Ultimately they did nothing with the story, the last I heard they were out looking for a Movie Star Barbie of their own. I emailed them asking them once more if they were going to do anything with the information but I never heard back....

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knitting2relax said...

Wow - great tile!

Hum, weight loss messages on a product that already shows a weird body image. People don't see something strange about that?