Monday, June 4, 2007

Some People Don't Know When to Quit

I am one of them. I wasn't satisfied with just making fish, things had to change, improve, get bigger, get more. So I made this whopper in 3 pieces so that it would fit into the kiln and it just barely did. I fell in love with firing red fish after my first successful firing. Tiffany told me how to glaze and fire to get good reds (they can be tricky).... Even though this one is not what a some (unenlightened) might call a perfect firing; there are some imperfections - it is the perfect fish because this is what nature is like, imperfectly perfect!

I have this one at home; I would like someone to know this by osmosis or magic and tell me, "I need this fish for my sushi restaurant or my fabulous fishing/hunting lodge in Montana or this is perfect for my fish market, may I offer you $200.00 for it?" It stores quite nicely so it is ok if no one ever says that because it is tucked away, and it doesn't smell or eat or, or, or...

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