Friday, June 8, 2007

Orchids in Hawaii and Raku Fish Resolutions

Isn't it beautiful? When I create I aim for beauty. Who can outdo this?

Makes me wonder what the heck am I doing?

So, I am supposed to be finishing up this Barbie Manifesto that plagued me for so many months. Another day.

Today I resolve to work on my tiles and to make some fish. People ask me if I am finished with the fish making. The way they ask makes me wonder, do they want me to stop? Sometimes they ask me why I make them. Because I like to make them. Are they symbolic? Well, sure they are, but I just make them because I like to do it. I once put together a small display of fish and loaves and it was suggested to me that I should put it on my blog. If you don't know the story about fishes and loaves, it is in the Bible and it is an amazing story on more than one level. So I will make some 3D fish, new ones - I will make them this summer. I resolve to make 3D raku fired fish and post it here by August 2, 2007.

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