Sunday, August 16, 2009

Learning More About the Loom

My old loom is so beautiful, aren't they all though? Well, her name is Sabina and I've never changed the treadle/shaft relationship. For my doubleweave experiment I had to mix them up. I found out that my treadles don't make my harnesses work the way I thought they did. Harnesses 123 are supposed to rise so I hooked them up the the treadles I wanted to use for that and I had the 4th harness rise. Proof positive that my mind thinks backward.

And!!! Double weave is sort of like magic, the kind of magic that happens when pulling a cylinder on the wheel. What fun, the kids will go home with a book bag or a tube if they just want a reminder of their week here.

I am getting worn out but it's a good worn out, we have gone to the beach numerous times, the county fair, learned to play mah jong (and they beat us the stinkers), and learned to weave in just 3 days. See my little weavers go! My granddaughter is so helpful, if her brother was tired of weaving, she offered to help him finish his project. Sounds like there is a weaver in the making. Clay tomorrow!!!


Liz Crain said...

Sheila, you are the best! These grandkids are lucky, lucky, lucky!
Makes me want to come play!

Life Looms Large said...

Have a great visit!! Sounds like you're doing plenty of fun things.

That's cool that you figured out how to change the tie-up on your loom!!

Have fun! Glad that you're teaching 2 new weavers!!


sheilabythebeach said...

It took hours on my back under the loom trying to visualize what I had to do. Spatial relations type of things are not my strong point....

sheilabythebeach said...

You know the way Liz, you are always welcome! Come weave and make fun with the clay.