Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Absolved of Sloth

Believe it or not, this is progress, slowly I am making headwayon the studio scene.

All is forgiven, it was a mistake, I am not guilty of sloth, LifeLoomsLarge has heard my confession and counseled me. Thank you! It's just time to get to work out there in the greenhouse. Neglect over several years and one big project on top of that left it a mess.


I wanted a ton of pea gravel; 1.25 c/y (engineer talk from my hubby), he helped me understand how much pea gravel that is. I want it anyway, a person can't have too much pea gravel can they? Instead I got a couple of 75#-ers and will spread it to see if my space needs a ton.

What do I want? A studio that doesn't leak (hahaha) - I can work on that, my nephew has offered to help me. A studio large enough to do wheel work, handbuilding, etc. with enough shelves - Lowes or Home Depot or Craigslist or even Freecycle can help. The space is sufficient but more shelves would be great. Water - have that but it needs some fine tuning.

Do I want to mix my own glazes? ????I don't know. It sure saves money...I was sort of trying to go the earthenware route for a while though...well, I'd just need the right frit I suppose.

It's vintage, can I sell it on E Bay??? Out it goes, last week my garbage can weighed a LOT, I put many bags of dried out clay into it as well as lots of other stuff like this E Bay vintage lot.

My girly basket from JoAnn, I think I can rinse my tools off and it will drain!

A girl needs some music, it looks funny I know. I'm going to see if I can find a decent station and just push the off or on button thru the paper. I have trashed 3 radios so far, this one is four. I saw a nice one with an ipod deck - there would go my ipod probably...


Life Looms Large said...

I realized today how messy my studio has gotten over the summer.

Something must be done.

Cleaning? Organizing?

I've always thought I'd enjoy making pottery, but I hate getting my hands wet or dirty (hence all the yarn-y crafts). That covered radio of yours drives home the point that pottery is messy!!

Glad you're over your perceived sloth!! Hope that motivation and accomplishment are contagious....I hope to get into a better studio practice as summer wanes!


sheilabythebeach said...

Pottery is "out" for you, I don't even bother with manicures but I do indulge in a lot of hand cream.
Wherever our studios are they can get cluttered, huh? I was battling icky spiders out here, really gross. They moved in like they owned the joint...

Linda Fahey said...

Sheila - home depot has some medium duty metal shelving 5 shelves for $64! I got one and I'm going to get another one for the studio. Easy to put together and super handy! I love the greenhouse!! It's going to be a great space.
it's got such warm light!