Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Outlook on Earthenware

What a snob I can be about ceramics! I love the high fired stoneware, even though the colors are not as bright and cheerful, the pieces are so dense and strong. I had some earthenware left over from tile making and decided to try throwing with it.

Well, first of all I looked at the water after a couple of dunks to wet my sponge and thought, "Yuck, gross, this bucket has grease in it"!!! I dumped the water out, cleaned the bucket and then found out it is the nature of earthenware. It has a butter-grease kind of feel to it. NOT like porcelain but smooth and smarmy. Never did like smarmy but I may change my mind about it being smarmy. Is that a 4 letter kind of word??? I call the man that travels around eating weird things smarmy and I do mean it in a sort of 4 letter word way...

I am making these shaving mugs and will sell them at the Johnston House Holiday Boutique this year (if I make enough to make it worth while). Entry fee is just $50.00 and they take 20% but I need enough to make it worthwhile. They will cost about $22.00 I think. Still up in the air over that.

Our summer is starting to get to me, drizzle, fog, overcast, brrrr...

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Life Looms Large said...

Every time I look up the word "smarmy" I'm a little surprised by it....but it does have an oily origin so I think it's fair!!

Cool pottery idea!