Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Bit of Serenity

My experience making 50 pieces of clay art in 50 days has been pretty whacky. I fired the kiln yesterday, unloaded it this morning and reloaded it and started it up again. It is cooling right now (full of re-fires) and I have more re-fires to do this week. 40 tiles are glued into place so I guess it comes down to the refires being acceptable or not. I told my friend Shirley that I'd have to lower my standards of acceptable if all else fails.

Having returned from Seattle I finally downloaded a couple of photos I took while there - no Space Needles here my friend. This photo so reminds me of my childhood in the trees (raised by Bigfeet dontcha know) that I thought I'd put it here so I could visit from time to time.

My loom sits waiting patiently for me to come back and weave...

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Life Looms Large said...

Lovely tree!

Over the weekend I was thinking about making a similar commitment to finishing some number of pieces in some amount of time. Wondering what it would be like.

It's been interesting to watch your 50/50 experience.

Good thing looms are good at being patient. (And don't worry - they are!)