Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Childhood Revisited

I did weave as a child. My mother surely burned her hands more than once on the bad stretchy loops I wove into oven mitts for her. But then, I guess I probably didn't buy that loom-thingy myself...

I just had to have these shoes, they are for weaving. Weaving is best done barefoot, I usually have my socks on because my feet get cold. So when I saw these shoes, I thought, "Ah, what cute shoes, I could wear them while I weave". Gee whiz, I do think I need them. When they came I really wanted to wear them to my best friends house to show them off and maybe to the grocery store or the ATM. Are they appropriate for a grandmother?

That brings to mind a conversation that took place among a group of potters recently. We talked about workshops and week-long workshops in particular then someone talked about craft camps for adults and we all just felt like taking off for camp for the whole summer. There was this pregnant pause and we all sat silently savoring the thought. Now that would be, uh, what is the word...too wonderful for words. But who would iron the slacks and go to the grocery store and the ATM and cook dinner and vacuum the carpet and get the mail, pay the bills and be responsible grown ups?
The shoes come from Emandsprout on Etsy.


Life Looms Large said...

Cute shoes!! (Even cuter on than in the pictures when you first bought them!)

Camp of any sort.....do it, do it, do it.

You can vacuum and shop later!!


lindsay said...

They are DEFINTIELY appropriate for a grandmother!! :)

Thanks again, they look so cute on you!