Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Private Stash is Growing

Help, stop the insanity! I keep stumbling across such deals that I simply can't pass up...there was a rummage sale at our community center. I've been stalking this sale all week. First I thought it was on Thursday, the usual day, no, they told me, this time it's on Saturday because it's going to be a BIG one.

Let me back month ago on Thursday I just happened upon the monthy rummage sale, I don't remember ever going to it before. There was yarn! I bought several cones of yarn and as I was checking out the lady told me that next month there would be more. Someone that had owned a weaving shop donated all of the yarn. Naturally I marked the following Thursday.

Ok, up to speed.

The yarn was just sitting there, a whole table full. No one was buying it, the knitters and crocheters didn't want it. It was too fine for them. I didn't know how much they were going to charge exactly but I loaded up 8 cones of what I believe are natural fibres or mainly natural fibres (fibers?)... As I went to pay I was told the story about no one wanting it and just to get rid of it they gave it to me for $1.00 a cone. Gah, fall on floor. There were 2 huge cones of Scotland wool (according to the label) that I passed up. Should I go back next month? Let it go? ??? I don't know.


Life Looms Large said...

That is a very good deal on yarn! Now I know how people end up with those rooms of yarn that overwhelm them.

I vow to not be that person....but I find it impossible to pass up a good (or even not so good) deal on yarn.

Looks like you got some great stuff! I'd be stalking that rummage sale too!!


sheilabythebeach said...

Sue! I vowed not to be that person too and look at me! Thanks for the reminder, it's good to have reinforcement of another weaver that understands the temptation!