Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to the Wonderful World Virginia Marie In Tennessee!

I think I'll get rid of that utube connection here on my blog. That one dumb pottery video keeps playing; very irritating. (3/07/09 edit - I did change the Utube to feature KIVA, microfunding, please take a look).

A friend of mine just became a grand aunt, or is it great aunt? She is very excited and so it the new grandmother. Welcome Virginia Marie to the world; she was born in Tennessee; welcome Virginia, maybe by next year when you have a baby brother I will be able to weave him a blankie!

My warp is on the loom again, I'm unclear as to what my teacher is doing since it isn't in any of my books the way he is having me prepare but I keep thinking that maybe its one of those "wax on; wax-off" exercises. I do hope you remember that Karate Kid movie!! He doesn't seem like one of those types of teachers but then again, who knows?

Instead of destashing such a large portion of my Tibetan beads; the repousse ones, maybe I'll go ahead and make myself more jewelry using it. That is what is was all about in the first place and I do love the designs!

Next week I hope to have some photos of a fish, a surprise is certainly surprising me, it has almost outgrown the kiln!


Life Looms Large said...

Welcome to the new baby!

Did you make that pendant in the pictures in this post?? It's gorgeous!!

Don't worry that your weaving teacher does things a little differently. In weaving, as in the rest of life, there are so many ways to do things!!

Can't wait to see the surprise fish!!


Anonymous said...

You are such a sweetheart!!
proud great aunt .. sjs