Monday, February 2, 2009

The Weaving Sampler Continues

Little by little my selvedges are improving. I read that as I weave I am establishing a style if you will and that it is good to establish good weaving habits. Being so stubborn and independent I want to finish up my project all by myself and learn by doing and all of that. However I am going to wait to end my project. My teacher left me after we tied the warp onto the front apron and got the tension right the best I could...
So, the next day I took off like a new skiier; wildly careening down the slope....look at me, I'm weaving!!!


Sue said...


It's looking good. Your selvedges will get better with practice!!

I really worried about mine at first. One of my weaving friends didn't worry - she sewed her first woven fabric into a bag or something - so she could hide the selvedges in the seams. (If only I were that talented with my sewing machine!)


sheilabythebeach said...

Clever girl, your friend. I have fallen into a good, clever crowd amongst weavers!

fibresofbeing said...

Looks a great start.
I'm a one-year-old weaver and totally obsessed. Also lucky enough to have access to classes nearby.
Have fun!

Gwen said...

I can't believe that is your first piece - it looks great! :)
Your colors and your stripe pattern are really pretty.
When does your teacher return to help you take it off the loom?
Are you already thinking ahead to your next project?

sheilabythebeach said...

Thanks Gwen!
I will take it off late Friday afternoon. Next project, hmmm, yes and no! I'm trying to not get ahead of myself; it's a struggle!!!

Anonymous said...

Man I am so impressed!! Looks flawless. How big is it? Make a chair cushion for Mahjong!!