Saturday, February 21, 2009

Practicing The Calm

I keep trying to slow down...everything; time, my thoughts, life, growing up, growing old...all those things and more. I think I've said this before and I'll probably say it again!

Anyway, my weaving has sure slowed down, I was away for a week so I just started again, I learned how to measure out my warp on the warping board. I really tried to just lay the yarn onto the warping board but I kept getting it quite snug, my teacher said that it is what beginners do; so I guess that's ok for now. (My first project was all ready for me, being given to me by a kind benefactor!)
So the dishtowels begin!!! I purchased the 8/2 cotton; white and several other colors. The first 2 dishtowels are for one of my sisters who requested purple in her dishtowels (I have added a small yellow stripe too). My friend sjs has requested some dishtowels too since I am going to be making so many, thank goodness she isn't picky about the color and is willing to be surprised since I may just go color crazy! Me, who wears black in August...


Anonymous said...

Could this be the calm before the storm? ANY color is fine with me.. happy to be on the receiving end.

sheilabythebeach said...

OMG I can't take any more storms, please, no!
Happy to be on the giving end my friend!

Life Looms Large said...

Look at you....getting ready to warp the loom! Good luck!!! Those first towels will be really special to your friends!!


Life Looms Large said...

I saw this tapestry fish on another blog today, and thought you might want to see it.

You do have that Fish theme going on with your blog name and all! Enjoy!