Friday, March 6, 2009

Look Ma, I'm Weaving!

My warp is finally on the loom! I threaded it wrong in more than one place, a thread was crossed, one was just hanging out and it didn't have a home. (I took it out and let it hang behind). These are just practice dishtowels for goodness sake! The weft color is yellow, I am doing a 2/2 twill pattern. What a thrill to see it emerge!!! I missed threading one dent; you can see a space on the right, it may fill in once its washed. There are 2 dishtowels on this warp. If someone paid me by the hour these would be the most costly dishtowels on earth!
One woman that sold me a book about weaving gave me some sage advice. She said that I should develop appreciation for the warping process since that is the *most* time consuming part of weaving. I suppose if I hated it and couldn't wait to get it over with then weaving wouldn't be much fun *most* of the time I spent doing it.
Well, I really TRIED to appreciate it, I think that's what she said, I don't have to love it, just appreciate it!


Life Looms Large said...

Yay!!! Congrats on dressing your loom (for the first time?)

It has taken me forever to get comfortable with warping my loom, but it does definitely get easier. I like doing it now....which I never would have said at the beginning.

I like how there's all that possibility for the project. Plus the look and feel of all that yarn. And the variety of tasks that goes into it.

It will get easier to do....and easier to appreciate!!


Carrie G said...

Congrats! I have wanted to make dishtowels for some time now, even have the yarn. You may have just inspired me.

As far as the open dent goes, I have added a piece of yarn after totally dressing the loom. I pin or tie it to the front bar and either add it to a heddle already there, or make a string heddle, so that you don't have such a big opening. The end of that new piece is wound around a cone, with another cone on top of it, securing that yarn. You let it hang off the back of the loom. The two empty cones give it enough weight to be taut.
Congrats - can't wait to see the finished product(s).