Saturday, August 18, 2007

Please Take My Stuff

In my neighborhood it can be difficult to be rid of things. If you put "Free" on them and put them on the street sometimes everyone gets lucky and someone wants them. Of course, I am a sucker and if I had a big house I'd take them home. But I don't have a big house or a truck to haul them home in....
"Look, someone is throwing out a perfectly good, ugly, white metal scratched up library style bookcase". Guess it's a good that I don't have that truck! I used to have a Jeep before everyone had Jeeps, and I did sometimes haul stuff home but it usually wasn't free. In Illinois they didn't have free things on the street, at least that I saw. But I did have a dog that rode in the back with me and we had a big snowy hill so a Jeep made perfect sense. I don't think I should talk about people that drive Jeeps or SUV's around here right now. I have other things to think about... :)

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Anonymous said...

Free things! That'd be neat! I'd have stuff everywhere, wait, I already have stuff everywhere. Hehehehe ;) Great post!