Friday, March 27, 2009

I Did It My Way...Or Ta-Daa!!!!!

This is my first project done from scratch and I did it my way. I didn't use no stinkin raddle or nothing. Just held the "cross" in my hand, cut it, carefully threaded the reed. I'm not sure I breathed while doing that for fear of losing the cross....then I just threaded the heddles, tied onto the back beam, and what do they call it??? beamed the warp I think. Woo-hoo you go grandma!!
Deborah Chandler describes this method in her book and I could read the words but....until doing some loom work myself, well, it skeeerd me.
I emailed my teacher and told him I did this (he emailed first...asking how I was doing)...I know he probably wouldn't approve, BUT, it worked on my loom.
This piece is also riddled with mistakes but I sort of like the mistake near the hem, looks like I did it on purpose (if you didn't know better). The selvedges are ok, I have stopped fussing about them, they are what they are. I put some nubby warp on my loom. Probably a mistake. Gotta learn things the hard way, at least that's been the case so far.


Life Looms Large said...

The towels look great!!! Love the colors!

Plus I'm impressed that you already know so many of the weaving terms. At the beginning I was often so confused that I couldn't even ask questions because I didn't know the names for anything!

I was just reading an old (1984 or so) article by Deborah Chandler, and in it she was saying that she hates lease sticks. And loves sleying the I think the method of holding the cross in your hand and sleying the reed first reflects her preferences! (And that's the method I've used most also!)

One thing I've learned from blogging about weaving is that there are many ways to solve any weaving problem, and many different techniques that people feel passionately committed to. Some people feel passionately in favor, while others passionately oppose the exact same technique.

What are your plans for the towels?? Have you used one of them yet??? I love using towels I've woven. Love it. Practically makes cleaning up the kitchen fun!! (Cooking is fun no matter what towels are involved!)

Congrats on doing a project on your own!!!


sheilabythebeach said...

Thanks Sue! The weaving terms are so foreign, brand new words. I try to use them only with weaving people since I personally find it kind of irritating when others talk to me about their own passion using terms that mean nothing to me and I can't connect with their train of thought. I end up trying to figure out what that word means and miss the rest of the conversation; so I'm doubly lost!
I have a list of people with requests for my practice towels. They take what they get while I practice with colors, textures, sizes and eventually patterns.