Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tea Party

This teapot is finally finished!!! Fired to cone 10, glazed with a celadon glaze.

I wish I had better photo skills!

It has little Asian style cups to go with it, I'll photograph them eventually. I even made a little creamer and sugar to sort of match.

I met a nice woman the other day, we traded yarn for "bits and bobs", or this and that, I love the yarn I got and I hope she enjoys the odd assortment of things I arrived with. I'm saving the pretty yarn for my better weaving skills time-to-come. Anyway, she told me about some visitors she has met and who am I to say she hasn't met them? Even if they are from the Pleiades. Huh? Really, who does know? Maybe we'll have lunch one day and I can learn more, that would be nice.

The nubby boucle yarn on my loom will make a nice thick towel but I don't like the texture, it's like a towel you can get at Safeway...that kind. The yarn is very fun looking before it is woven, so much to learn , so many yarns to try.

I am putting myself in that scary place of being judged. I have applied to be part of a show at our local art center, Sanchez Art Center...I'll find out at the end of April if I got in. It's called a 50/50 show, I must make 50 pieces of art in 50 days. What a way to challenge myself, I'll be heartbroken if I don't make it and panic striken if I do...go figure.

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