Monday, January 19, 2009

Weaving Starts Tomorrow

I feel like this guy, tomorrow is full, full, full!

All kinds of good things happen tomorrow. I meet with a buddy; Joyce for coffee and "talk" and then off to work on some ceramics at the college. So glad I have that while my own wheel is in limbo. AND I start my weaving lessons. My teacher is going to come in the afternoon and there is so much I don't know that I don't know what it is I should know.

I hope he is patient with me!

I am having such a hard time NOT buying yarn, I seem to love it all. And I already have enough to keep me busy for quite some time. I think I'll use up most of the yarn that I'm not so crazy over to learn on and then move in for the good stuff! I saw this yarn and can't wait until I'm proficient enough to get to the good stuff....years??? I don't know, just so happy to have a teacher at last!
Oh, also, I have a warping board on the way, here it is! Click on warping board for a photo!

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