Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kidney Stones and Dead Pottery Wheels

My pottery wheel finally kicked the bucket. I'm in the market for a new motor and foot pedal. I would dearly love to whine about this. The thing is that I've been wanting to upgrade the assembly anyway, ok, so here I go.
The darned thing is stuck together like crazy, I can't get any of the tools I own to take it apart! Hmmm, what now?
I cleaned up about 10 bats, ready to make some shaving mug sets and the poor thing bucked and groaned and went fast, slow, not at all, fast, fast, jerk, jerk...done.
So, on a happier note; let's see, I'm trying to find one. The fact that C. is trying to pass a kidney stone wouldn't count. I'll pack a bag with a book and snacks in case we end up at the ER tonight I guess....

See, I like to add a picture to my posts, this one is from my Barbie Manifesto!


Anonymous said...

You don't really need a motor... do what the guy in the video bar does and use your foot!! Think of all the exercise you will get. When your lower body is in great shape... switch to the stick method the other fella uses and then your arms will be awesome!!! Think of all the money you will save....motor and gym membership. xxoxox

The Unknown Potter said...

Daniel here- I am looking into minigamas and found your blog...s I am curious how it is going?
I am a potter in British Columbia
can we connect?