Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creative Industries Adventure

My hands, they're killing me...not a happy place for a potter to be. I managed to take my wheel apart, I'm sending in the foot pedal, the control box and the motor. A man named Tony at Creative Industries is helping me out.

I bought this wheel in about 1983 and it has been a super wheel, just right for me. When I got it the selling point was that I could upgrade when I wanted more power. Well, maybe I do want more power, I'm not sure but I most assuredly want that option even if its not offered anymore. Tony is helpful but I'm not sure about Creative Industries. Now, I'm not saying they aren't helpful but the fact that they changed the motor mountings so that they don't fit on their wheels without retrofitting is discouraging to say the least!

Old potters don't die easy and if they want their wheels buried with them then they better work and I'm thinking I'll take mine with me. I just hope that I don't end up anyplace too hot if ya know what I mean.

So, I suppose that I'll have time for my hands to rest while the folks at Creative Industries restore my relic of a wheel.

In the meantime I visited Clay Planet; well, it used to be Sherrys Western Supply but Ed Sherry is no longer with us and Clay Planet runs his place now. I am 100# heavier, a nice supply of Soldate 60 in the trunk.
I move my minigama around the garage wondering what to do with it, I have sort of lost interest; it seems like sooooo much work to fire it and I ended up not exactly finishing it anyway due to my husband becoming so ill. It dried while I played nurse and then I tried to "Mickey Mouse" it around and it ended up ugly so that I am not very proud of it. Not that I'm giving up altogether but it's pretty low on my agenda. See, the chimney never got built, I thought I'd use a stove pipe or something but when I took it to the sheet metal shop to get one built they said that they didn't have the material to withstand the temperatures I talked about...
I'm telling you, "If it's not one thing it's another".


Anonymous said...

I am in the process of finishing and firing a minigama. Like you I made it waaay to thick - based on the instructions of 1 1/2" thick walls. Knew it was going to be too thick when I got to 50# of clay and still more walls to go. I hope to fire it this weekend, don't know what to expect really.

ImaDilley in Colorado

sheilabythebeach said...

I think 1 1/2" thick walls was an error in translation!
Please tell me how it went, I would REALLY like to know!!! How long it took, what kind of fuel used, did you use a hairdryer as a burner, what cone did you achieve???? All that and more.

Photos always appreciated too!