Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weaving My First Sampler

My first sampler! I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get this far. My yarn seemed like it was always tangled, the threads crossed, too short to fit the warp, I secretly wanted to just cut some of them out and forget they existed.

I know it is very crude, but I am new at this! It is my hope that someday I'll look at this and wish I'd never put it in my blog because I will be such a wonderful weaver eventually! For now, I am totally thrilled. I am playing with the treadles and seeing what kind of patterns emerge as I use different sequences. I have noticed where I changed the order of treadling that the pattern looks odd; that will help me I guess, I can see where I changed. I'm writing it down to keep track too.

The warp was measured out and given to me to start, it is cotton, something a bit fatter than 5/2 cotton. It isn't the fault of the generous giver that I had such trouble with the warping, but my own fumbling! The weft is 5/2, that I know since I purchased it myself.

Today I am going to play in a mahjong (mah jongg - it is spelled differently all over the place) tournament in Millbrae. The city is hosting some fun things for Chinese New Year. This is the year of the Ox in case you were wondering. So, my friend kt and I are going to go see what this is all about and hopefully we will have a good time playing Asian or Hong Kong style mah jong with the 13 tile game style! It's a new experience if nothing else.


Orbie/\;;/\ said...

You should have no regrets about that piece Sheila. Obviously you are born to weave :) Oh and I am Lori from Webworksfiber by the way... too many blogs to keep track of and too many names...keep warped

Sue said...

Your first sampler looks great!! Warping is still hard for me - and I'm on maybe my 10th project. But things do come out OK - even when it's hard to get your yarn to behave!

I read back a few posts...then had to go back in time to last year to see what happened. So glad you and your husband are OK.

Anyway, nice to meet you!! Glad you're crossing over to the weaving zone!!

Gwen said...

Very cool! Congratulations on your first sampler!

Guess what - I'm just finishing my first sampler too. :)

I got a used Harrisville floor loom (22 inches) for Christmas and am teaching myself to weave using the book by Deborah Chandler. How are you learning?

I've got pictures up on my blog if you'd like to stop by and see:

I hope you had fun and played well in your mahjong tournament!

sheilabythebeach said...

Thanks for the encouragement Orbie, Sue and Gwen, I'll drop by your blogs to see how everyone does what they do!