Friday, September 21, 2007

Steinbeck in My Head

Yesterday a women's club thing that I belong to had a speaker that photographed Steinbeck country which is just a ways down the highway from me but a million years away. So Steinbeck has been stuck in my head. I once decided I would scour the 2nd hand stores and find all of the Steinbeck 1st editions. For a while I even thought I had one but I was too new of a collector and didn't know any better. The presentation yesterday has me wanting to re-read Steinbeck and go hang out in Steinbeck country but Steinbeck country is no longer Steinbeck country so it has to be in his books and in my head.
I am adding little feet to mugs that I make. I used some push-molds I made from old buttons, they almost look too big; I'll try a few more. They were glazed yesterday and carefully placed into the big gas kiln.

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