Friday, September 14, 2007

Little Yellow Bird on a Branch

Little bird on a branch
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This little bird looks like it is ready to fly off because it sees me!
There is something about this tile that is not quite right to my eye. There seems to be too much blue and it is; well, just too much do-nothing blue. Other eyes see things I don't. So perhaps someone will come along and see - a lake - the wind - or whatever they see. This one was destined for the holiday boutique sale in Half Moon Bay. After I put it into a nice frame the look of it may change and it will be ok to sell....

Today MAY be the day I start looking for someone to fix the window in the greenhouse. Winter WILL come and then I will be sorry, like the grasshopper that played all summer, eh? Finding help is hard, I'm not even talking about "good help" like I have heard it said. No, just someone that will return a phone call or show up when they say they will or even at all. I have an electrician that is not cheap but oh, so worth it, he comes on time and does a professional job. My plumber is good too; if he runs late, he calls me! If he can't come, he says so. My father could fix anything, I am like that; I like to work with my hands too. Oh, sure, I can fix it but sometimes it LOOKS like I fixed it myself. So, I will let the professionals earn their living too!!

My grandchildren saw the sewing machine sitting on the kitchen table and ran over to it and wanted to sew. I found some scraps of fabric and gave them a sewing lesson. My grandson made a pouch, I gave him some handmade ceramic beads to put on the ends of the pull-string and he had a "magicians pouch". He told grandpa, "I know I'm not supposed to like doing that but I do." My husband told me this sometime later. Note to self: Tell him he comes by it honestly, he likes to make things with his hands and it's ok.


Plumpy said...

Hello Sheila!
I'm glad you liked my photo on Lorenzo the Llama's blog. I am sorry you are not a cat person, because I am a person cat.

If you are wondering who I am, Mum is registered as "Ju's Little Sister" and you can see her comments on Lorenzo the Llama's blog too. She lets me run my blog on her profile. It's called The Life of Plumpy.

All the best with your bird-on-a-branch. I wish it were real.


knitting2relax said...

Glad you are having a good time with the grandkids. Ah, your grandson can like sewing. So hard to be a boy, huh.
I see the bird looking over a frozen lake waiting for spring. The tile is pretty.

sheilabythebeach said...

I never thought it would be so hard to be a boy, I am still learning about life.

Thanks k2r - I see it too now - the ice!

sheilabythebeach said...

Ah, Plumpy; you do not qualify as a cat, therefore you may be a dog or a person or whatever you like. Maybe this bird sees YOU!