Sunday, September 16, 2007

Asking For Help

Enough of the whining about how I want to do more fun things on my blog, like put in all the toys. That is not actually true; I want it to look uncluttered BUT I have been craving the ability to make little click-on words.

Why is it so hard to ask for help? For me it meant, what if I was told and I still couldn't do it! The person that sells these wonderful retro style cards at Pepperinapress kindly told me how to do it. Why do I feel so smarty-pants? Because I can follow directions? Well, yes, following directions can be a challenge for some of us. Thank you so much for taking the time to help out a fellow blogger! Here is her blog too. She and I are in agreement about our blogs, we like to write about not only our work or hobby but about our lives too. Blog on!
There are signs all over the studio at the local community college where I enroll from time to time. This one I posted here was new, I don't know who put it up but it reminds me of kindergarten. These kind of signs really shouldn't NEED to be tacked up but thinking back I guess they do. One year I made a ton of extremely thin porcelain pieces which I spent a lot of time decorating. Before the pieces are fired they are called greenware and they can be very fragile. Time after time people would pick up my pieces and break them. Very sad for me. It is one of the drawbacks of using a public institution. I have had to incorporate that into my thinking or, or, I don't know how else I would come to peace with broken work.

Odd things I was thinking about this morning.... How difficult it can be doing things on my own, not asking for help; like turning mattresses over, big things like that, and how incredibly simple it is when I work with another person. So suddenly I see it doesn't apply just to the big, heavy mattresses I am coping with but the simple little click-on things in life too.

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