Saturday, May 9, 2009

Congratulations Read the Letter!!

I am so glad they didn't mess around and just said, "Congratulations". The show I applied to get into accepted me! Time for another happy dance!!! Or is it? What have I gotten myself into now. Who remembers "Life of Riley"? He had a line often stating something about what a revolting development he found himself in. While I don't feel revulsion, I am somewhat wary!

This is a 50/50 show. I will make 50 pieces of wall art (clay) in 50 days.

Friday I will pick up 49 6" panels (mdf, that is a compressed fake wood I think)...well, the 50th panel is 7"; reserved for some special creation I guess. Monday, May 18th is day one. Hmmm, what will happen when I am away from home? Hmmm, how shall I count the days....creation day or final firing day? Creation day I have decided. I'll talk to the 50/50 "powers that be" about this consideration since clay is so SPECIAL it needs special rules I guess.

This is my friend Xiamara, she tells me she is from Cooba and she speaks Spanish to me, bless her heart, she actually thinks that someday I'll be fluent and she won't have to speak English to me! She laughs and calls this her cheekin she is making. It turned out better than fantastic. I will eventually get the final cheekin photographed...eventually...

Home Depot brings out the worst in me and I absolutley love hardware stores, I think Home Depot deserves its own categor . I know I'll need a special adhesive to anchor stray clay art pieces to my mdf and I know what I want and I know that Home Depot has it. My mermaiden maker friend, Linda Fahey is an adhesive expert and I trust what she tells me about anchoring anything to anything. PC-11 is the ticket, what else is on my list? Spray paint perhaps; I don't know what color these fake wood panels are but my guess is that they need to be black for my purpose; or is it white?

Let the fun begin...


Life Looms Large said...


50 pieces in 50 days.....I watched Janet do her scarf a day for a month in awe. I know she learned a lot from that process (as did everyone who followed along online!)

Since I sometimes feel bad about how slowly I actually complete things, I'm always intrigued when some one undertakes a commitment like this one.

Good luck!! I'll be interested to see what you think of the whole experience (and of course to see more of your beautiful work!)


sheilabythebeach said...

Thanks Sue!
I'll share ALL the pain and joy as well...this will force me to finish, I feel I've made a huge committment (is that spelled right?)!!!