Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shop Local Pacifica

Whenever I can I shop local which is not always easy unless I need a new shower door or a new sliding glass door or even a new greenhouse window. They might think I tricked them into coming to look at my requested repair but I was really upfront about asking for a greenhouse window to be fixed. I am so grateful for Dial Glass in Pacifica; when there was some spare time they fixed it for me. I had asked various other people and the consensus was to put plywood or plastic over it , but no, I wanted it fixed right (nearly right anyway). It doesn't open any more but that's ok since it doesn't leak either.
I am working on some small pottery items, small feels good right now. Big, small, big, small, small, small, big.

Since I have all of this Greek leather I made myself a surfer dude bracelet.

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