Monday, July 28, 2008

How About a Nice Boat Ride?

I found a boat in my hand the other day. How did this happen? So I made a few more. Then after they were glazed I took one and played with it. My husband asked, "Does it float?" Filled the sink and yes, it floats, "It floats a little heavy," I said.

The symbolism of a boat is quite open to interpretation. Following is a list of interpretations; mainly from Internet information.
The boat:
Transition from the material world to the spiritual world.
Holy Island
(Ocean being the unconscious)
Ship of the soul
A life saving shelter
Beatus (bateau): word meaning happy? Boat derived from beatus?
A divine being
Christian symbol of the church
Instrument for the souls exploration
Safe passage
Transition from one phase to another phase
Leaving safety of the known into the mystery of water
preceptors who help us to cross the ocean of Knowledge and to achieve our targets.
Hope…life of Pi; the boat being hope.

Well, isn't that nice, I think I'm going to like boat building.

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