Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Girl in Oakland

At the end of my walk, this view is my reward.

I started reading a blog by this potter in Oakland and I thought that I was in some kind of time warp or a reality blip....I don't remember writing this in my blog, these are my thoughts and who is this young girl at the wheel? Being well over 50 I can call her a girl I think....or am I being too politcially incorrect? Anyway, her work is so nice and her thoughts are so open and honest and like mine that I made a connection with this blogger. I RSS'd her shop so I can keep up with her pottery obsession. Her name is Whitney and I hope you can go visit her blog and buy some of her beautiful pottery. Be patient though because she has to go find styrofoam peanuts......don't I know THAT feeling!

So, lastnight it rained a lot. I keep telling my husband about the new gutters being filled with roofing rocks. Gotta find someone to clean the gutters - winter is coming and it will rain again.

I spent an hour or two looking at teapot books filled with odd, exciting, beautiful, gross, dainty, sturdy, wonderful teapots. It filled my head with ideas but in the end the ones I love the most are the straightforward sturdy workhorse teapot. In the coming year, 2008 I will make a goal to make x number of teapots; I haven't decided how many yet. I do know that the more I make the better they will become so maybe I will set some extreme number (for me) like - 50 teapots, I haven't decided. My back and hands will scream at me but I would rather wear them out making pots than washing dishes....

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! I don't like to do dishes either....of course WHO DOES!?! LOLOLOL What a beautiful view! To see that at the end of a walk certainly would be a reward! Thanks for sharing it with us! *HUGS*