Friday, November 2, 2007

Here I Go Again - Teapot 2

Attempt two. I have thrown 2 lids; even though they are both capable of fitting this pot I think that the larger one is the right one for this vessel. The spout is kind of "iffy" I think. Tiffany suggested that I make one side of the spout smoother for pouring. Well, not smoother, I can't explain. After this has dried a little more I can trim the bottom of the body and attach the spout and the handle and set the lid into place to dry. When I set the lid into place the pot and the lid dry together and make for a better fit. I guess that the spouts have excellent memories and like to "unwind" from their throwing so we'll see. Once into the fire any number of surprising things can happen!
There are such a number of elements that go into a teapot that it makes for an excellent test; not only of throwing ability but design and lastly; creativity. I have teapots in my head now that are not entirely functional but that are just plain fun!


Anonymous said...

I think that the larger one will do wonderful! It will be easier for people to grab hold of and you've got to consider the fact that it is a teapot....and may be used alot. Anyway, wonderfully done! Thanks for sharing with us! *HUGS*

shirle sepput said...

Oh my gosh!! I am terribly impressed and in are so creative my friend. Bravo!