Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oregon Fossil Found

Today we will study fossils - or not. I just wanted to show off the fossil my husband found on a little trip into Oregon. There is a spot along side of a 2 lane road frequented by big trucks near Vernonia, Oregon. It has a lot of fossils, just pull over and open up a chunk of rock (limestone?) and viola - fossils. It is almost that easy, really! Cool clam, huh?
Later we hunted for agates in Rock Creek, the water was absolutely clear, clear, clear and cold! The agates hid from me and I forgot my camera, just believe me, it was good. Vernonia is like stepping right back into the 1950's (pretty much)...the kids were swimming in the Nehalem, hunting crawdads, riding their bikes down main street, a lone police officer cruised around scolding them for not walking their bikes across the bridge. I am told that it is becoming a bedroom community for Portland, I didn't see it unless it means some scary looking people guarding a gate leading down a long straggly forested drive outside of town.
Oh, Vernonia's claim to fame is that they filmed the Johnny Cash movie, "Ring of Fire" there!

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Anonymous said...

Fossils are soo interesting to me. It's just outstanding that what is left of creatures from long ago can be found that way.
Thanks for sharing!*HUGS*