Friday, July 20, 2007

Meet the Monkey

My dear friend gave me this sock monkey, don't even ask why....
I am thrilled with him, she tells me it is male and his girlfriend's name is Bella. She lives a few miles away at her own place.
We don't know what his name is though, so until then he is The Monkey.
If you have suggestions feel free to post them.
Isn't he cute? Some people don't "get" sock monkeys, my dear husband is one of them but that's ok, he doesn't need to understand, just to go along with it.
This was very unexpected (because she doesn't sew much).... she makes these very beautiful boxes and plates, etc., using images that she manipulates using Photoshop. You can see ther work here:
We play mah jong together and I commissioned her to make me a mah jong money box, I received it yesterday also. It is perfect in every way! Our mah jong money is donated each holiday season to a women's shelter so that when we must pay a dollar or two it isn't so painful.

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