Sunday, September 5, 2010

Professional Throwing Demo - Large Open Pot

You can turn off the sound, it's better that way.

What, no apron? LOL. This is about 12 pounds of clay being centered and thrown. I wish the camera would have visited the right hand as he was pulling though.

After visiting Pottery West and seeing some of the enormous (to me) pots made by Tom Coleman and some nearly-as-large pots made by Amy Kline, I've been thinking....which is always dangerous. Upon learning to throw pots it was impressed upon me that bigger doesn't mean better. Now it is time. Goal: honest pots but larger honest pots if possible. And why not? A season of growth I hope.

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Anonymous said...

He makes it look so easy and we know it can't be!! He has not a stray speck of clay on him!! I just love a man with clean clothes and magic fingers!!