Monday, September 20, 2010

Need Gift = New Warp

This weekend will find me trying to sell pottery at my "Pottery Garage Sale"...right next to the Fog Fest in Pacifica. We'll see what happens. That is Saturday, Sunday I'll be doing a throwing demo down at Clay Creations 2-3 p.m. People do love to watch mud whirl on the wheel and vessels emerge! I do too, it looks like magic when I watch others. But then I'm a sucker for clay.

It seems I still can't thread a warp without error - gah, what it wrong with me??? BUT, onward I go. I got some cotolin (50/50 cotton and linen) to make some dish towels for a thank you gift . Making a pattern is fun but I do like to have happy colors mostly...

Sorry I didn't go to the RAKU event in Richmond but that's across the bay and entails crossing the Bay Bridge doesn't it? haha.

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Mary Lamb said...

I like the sound of pottery sale - good luck. We plan to be in Pacifica for soccer games and hope to stop by Fog Fest. I'll be looking for you! BTW you would have loved the RAKU Festival. Hot but way cool! See u Sat, mary