Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saori Weaving

Saori weaving is weaving without mistakes, I have also seen it described as zen art weaving dedicated to self expression. This caught my eye quite a while back when I was first learning to warp my loom and stumble along with my weaving; I failed to see the errors as shameful. Saori is: do what you want, make your own rules kind of weaving. Right up my alley.

Next project - nothing but exploration by making a large banner to hang in Worcester, Massachusetts as part of a public art project late this summer.

I copied this excerpt from the Facebook page of Saori Bridges of Elm Park:

This is a "project to hang the 2 beautiful historic bridges of Worcester. MA's Elm Park August 25-29, 2010, with 64 Saori banners hand-woven by people from everywhere! We are promoting this recipe for peace in our community: Creativity, Cooperation, Contribution! Won't you please encourage the volunteer weavers and others who are Contributing their Creativity to this Cooperative art installation?"

This will be fun and liberating, I'm going primary with yellow, blue and red, that's as far as I've planned. I'll use synthetic yarn so that it will hold up to the elements and be colorfast.

The other thing that caught my attention was the fact that Worcester, MA., was the birthplace of my 5th gr. grandfather. Well...he was born in; Brookfield, Worcester County, MA. Makes it more funner to participate knowing that! Yes, Lt. Benjamin Gilbert and his wife, Esther Perkins are both buried there, I wonder if they are still there. Buried there I mean, it was a long time ago of course; the late 1700's. San Francisco dug up all their graves and dumped those dead people and coffins and tombstones out near me, there aren't any graveyards in San Francisco. Only the living are allowed there I guess. Anyhoo, is it really pronounced wuster? I've heard of wuster, MA but never knew it might be Worcester....unless I start thinking about Worcestershire sauce and how I pronounce that.

P.S. I got the image of the hands weaving from this website:

Happy creating.

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