Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Saori Bridges of Elm Park

I've started my banner. If it's truly a zen banner it won't matter too much if the width is off by about 1/2" will it? I hope not. Warping this yarn was a dream, I never knew it could be so quick and painless. I am supposed to use about 6 threads per inch so I put on my 8 dent reed and threaded it 0111, 0111; that should do the trick.

Trying to be so free and clever is backfiring on me, I don't like my experiments, but that's good to know...I won't be so cute on other projects since it looks....hmmm,....let's just say "bad". Then I hit upon this real happy, homey Swedish or at least Scandinavian color thing that appealed to me. Modern and hip? No. Feel good? Yes! I'm putting nubbies on it and all sorts of crazy stuff, and its all good! Well, fun anyway!

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