Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Skyline College Parking is a Pain in the ...

Devils Slide eventually will be bypassed when the tunnel is complete. This is the road I take to south to go to Princeton, Montara or Half Moon Bay.


So glad to be taking time away from classes or I'd have been there for the lock-down while conducting open studio.

The parking situation is tense. There is construction going on and even less parking than usual and it is never good, always tense and cut-throat. The parking lot has been a dangerous place, speeders, parking spot hogs, tempers flaring. Someone was shot in the behind (the maximus gluteous behind) and the shooter got away. I understand there was some kind of manhunt going on but he escaped. Gee, hope he didn't run over the hill eastward or he'd be right at the San Francisco County Jail, or maybe I do hope he ran that way. Maybe it was a she but I doubt it.

Once again, they didn't listen to me. I did my fair share of whining every day telling everyone that the parking was brutal and dangerous. See what happens.... This was probably not about parking but it could be, huh?

Last week a student at San Mateo High School went out of control too. What is happening I wonder?

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Life Looms Large said...

Whew - that's one scary looking road!

I have a friend who becomes a crazy person in parking lots. Somehow they bring out the worst in some people.