Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Handcrafters Peacock Loom

I couldn't resist. It didn't cost much, it's for my grandaughter. My daughter asked me on the phone, "So, how big IS it?" "A large breadbox," I told her. I think that's right. I'll clean it up and give it to her at Christmas time; all warped and wonderful, ready to go. I'll replace the shoelaces with some smaller cord I have and see if I can get the rust from the harnesses and hettles. I've put feelers out for an instruction book for it.
The wood is dried out but it works just fine I think. This warp was already on it when I got it. It is made by Handcrafters, Waupun, Wisconsin. Such a nifty little bugger!
This is a work, work, work week. Throwing pots, making tiles, firing the kiln, buying looms...


Life Looms Large said...

What an awesome present!! Great find!!

I've heard that naval jelly can remove stubborn rust. Sandpaper with very fine grit can remove less severe rust. I don't know how hard it will be to clean up the could buy new heddles if push came to shove.

Your granddaughter will be thrilled!!


Anonymous said...

OMG you are too much!!! She will love it! She will probably think this is the best gift EVER!

sheilabythebeach said...

After looking at it with my stronger glasses I see the heddles are ok but the reed is dirty, possibly rusty. It doesn't come out, it's fixed. I'll try the naval jelly!

Brian said...

If you're still looking for instructions, I found them here -