Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Can Shop Here All Day

Buying handmade things or finding retro vintage kind of things on line can become addicting to me. Etsy is one of my favorite sites and I recently saw this fun dress; it appeals to the road trip side of my personality! And I found this hat to go with it. Would it be too much to wear these red cowgirl boots too? It would for sure but I couldn't find the perfect shoes to pair with the dress and hat.

On a more serious side I have to say how much I am drawn to this art. Her name is Caren and her shop name is Caren Loebel-Fried. On my wishlist is one of her hand painted tree of life linocuts as I have uploaded to my blog today. I need more wall space!
Ok, one more I must mention is Ferrarioriginalbeads and her Saturday nite specials or she sometimes calls them Sunday specials are really special. Her beads are even prettier in person that the camera can capture. I don't need as many pretty beads as I have but I simply can't resist! This group she has called Zen makes my heart pound! Imakefish says, "Check them out".
The work I did yesterday on my minigama should be ready to build upon so if all is right I may even almost finish it up today. Well, not all of the way, I still need to make peepholes, etc.
I was thinking about my Barbie manifesto which is how I started my blog; who knew I was so wordy and that I would still be blogging about stuff I do? I surprise myself sometimes.

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