Friday, October 5, 2007

Thinking About Pottery

I like to make these small, narrow butter dishes, the same as I like to make fish. This particular one has a crackled glaze which means you shouldn't use it for wet food - only dry food. Wet food can get into the cracks and bacteria can form even when you think they are clean. So don't eat wet stuff from pottery with cracks in the glaze.

Yesterday the thought popped into my head that I haven't made any baskets for a while. Ceramic baskets that is. I throw almost any shape pot and add a big handle across the top. Some are short and fat and others look very strong and vertical. Others are just happy ones. I think I will make some baskets.

The gas kiln is nearly full, it will be fired next Thursday probably. Then it will be a few days before it can be opened. Those are impatient days.

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